We are a diverse array of Jews and Jewish allies from around the world, from every generation, from our 20’s to our 70’s. We represent a diversity of socio-economic statuses, gender and racial identities and sexual orientations. We are diverse in our observance or non-observance of Judaism.

Oriel Eisner, Acting Director

Oriel is an Israeli-American activist and educator. Prior to serving as Acting Director, Oriel was the Lead Campaign Organizer of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence from 2015-2017. In this role he oversaw the planning and execution of July 2016’s Occupation is Not Our Judaism delegation and May 2017’s Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue delegation. Oriel is dedicated to creating a more just reality for all peoples in Israel/Palestine and seeks to promote and contribute to a progressive Jewish voice on the issue. He brings a passion for navigating and exploring the intersections, differences and histories of Jewish power, identity and responsibility in Israel and the US and sees these geographies as both co-dependent and divergent. Previously, Oriel has done voter-registration organizing and advocated for affordable housing and cooperative living in Boulder, CO.  He attended the University of Colorado and has a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature.

Ashley Bohrer, Campaign Organizer

Ashley is a feminist, activist, writer, translator, teacher, and all-around badass based in Syracuse, NY. Among other organizations, she has organized with Jews for Justice in Palestine, Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation (FURIE), Occupy Chicago, the Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education (CACHE) and she is a founding member of the Syracuse chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. She holds graduate degrees in both Philosophy and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Since completing her PhD, Ashley has been teaching postcolonial philosophy, critical prison studies, ecofeminism, and intersectional theory at the university level. She has studied, taught, or held research positions in the United States, France, China, and Germany. When she’s not behind the megaphone or buried in books, she’s usually cooking enough vegetarian food to feed a small revolutionary army.

Isaac Kates Rose, Jerusalem Organizer

Isaac is an Honor’s graduate of the University of Toronto’s Jewish Studies program, with a focus in Israel-Palestine (and helpings of cinema and ethnomusicology studies too, for good measure). Along the way to his degree, he spent a year studying abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, connecting with the realities of life in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, and getting involved with various forms of non-violence that seek to challenge the status quo. Upon graduating, Isaac returned to Jerusalem as a New Israel Fund Social Justice Fellow, working with Rabbis for Human Rights. Isaac is currently a Dorot Fellow, and when he is not working with this wonderful team to grow the movement of Jewish non-violence, he enjoys music, film, and peanut butter cookies.

Erez Bleicher, Jerusalem Organizer

Erez Bleicher is an activist, writer, and political commentator living in Jerusalem. He has been involved in various movements for racial, economic, and gender justice and is currently organizing with All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective. He is interested in diasporism as an ethical framework of social action and in building vibrant Jewish participation in movements for racial justice in both Israel and the United States.

Jessica Curhan, Jerusalem Coordinator Intern

Jessica graduated in 2013 from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in Judaic Studies, minoring in both Moral & Political Philosophy and Community Action & Social Change. Her understanding of the complexity of the conflict and occupation began as a participant (and later a co-facilitator) in the Arab-Jewish Dialogue course offered at U of M. Jessica continues to learn, witness, and oppose the occupation as a Jerusalem resident and volunteer in various organizations.  She enjoys playing pick-up basketball and analyzing the interactions she encounters as a woman who is both Jewish and a native English speaker on the court.

Michael Evers, Administrative Systems Manager

Michael Evers has been involved in building communities of change, concern and courage. Born in Ann Arbor, MI. and raised in Cincinnati,OH. he first entered political campaigning as a volunteer for the 2008 presidential election.  His passion for engagement led him to study political science at DePaul University where the seeds of faith and organizing were planted. Since then he’s traversed his native midwest (and a bit in the Middle East) first as an inaugural fellow with Repair the World in Detroit, MI. and lately as the admin for the AMOS Project’s recent campaigns in Cincinnati – one of the largest voter registration drives in 2016 followed up by the passage of Issue 44, a levy for universal preschool for inner-city youth. He’d call himself a perpetual student and was once described as a ‘‘deeply midrashic dude” (which might be the same thing). Ask him about his students at Sunday School, the latest recipe at work in the kitchen or the (mis)adventures of his favorite creature BoJack Horseman.

Shlomo Roth, Campaign Organizer

Shlomo Adam Roth was raised in Toronto and has lived in NYC for more than a decade. He has also spent periods over the past two decades traveling, studying and volunteering in Israel-Palestine and India. Shlomo has an Honors BA in Human Geography, History and Political Science from The University of Toronto, an Education Degree from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and a Masters of Sustainable Community Development from The State University of New York (SUNY). He is also a trained permaculture system designer. He is currently working with a labor campaign to organize contingent professors at Colleges in the New York Capital District. For the past two decades Adam has worked in community development, education and political organizing within the progressive Jewish community and was active in fair housing advocacy while studying and working as a Real Estate Agent. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Shlomo was an early organizer of Occupy Sandy, expanding his role with a stint at FEMA as a Voluntary Agency Liaison, bringing diverse government, nonprofit and community groups together to further support the recovery. Shlomo continues to work with the National and global Occupy network.

Ilana Sumka, Founder

Ilana served as the founding executive director of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence from 2012 – 2017.  With two decades of experience as an organizer, educator and activist, Ilana previously spent five years as the Jerusalem director of Encounter. A recipient of Dorot and Pardes fellowships in Israel, Ilana was recognized for her commitment to ending the Israeli occupation by being the first Jewish person to receive an honorary Bethlehem “passport” as part of the international Open Bethlehem campaign. One of the first staff with New York’s Working Families Party, she worked in international human rights with American Jewish World Service and served as an international election monitor in Albania and Bosnia with OSCE-ODIHR. Ilana currently lives in Belgium where she co-founded the new initiative, Another Jewish Voice (Een Andere Joodse Stem), to elevate progressive Jewish voices in the Belgian and European political discourse. She teaches Judaism for conversion students at the International Jewish Center in Belgium and is working on a book about her experiences in the Middle East.