End Fifty Years of Occupation

 Videos about CJNV

“Sumud” Freedom Camp

Israel Social TV | 7 July 2017

West Bank Protest Camp

AJ+ | 22 May 2017

Inside The Israel Palestine Crisis

Interview on ‘Aggressive Progressives’ on The Young Turks | 29 May 2017

The Israeli army dismantles “Sumud” protest camp

Activestills | 21 May 2017

Israeli army and police dismantle — for the second time — an anti-occupation protest camp set up by Palestinians, Israelis and diaspora Jews in the West Bank

+972 Magazine | Ahmad Al-Bazz/Activestills, 25 May 2017

Fadal Aamer: A Return to Sarura

 Activestills | 4 June 2017

 Jewish-Palestinian protest camp: the story of Summud

Haaretz | 26 May 2017

Video: Activists fight occupation by rebuilding a Palestinian village

 Mondoweiss | Mondoweiss Editors, 21 May 2017

Articles about CJNV

130 Diaspora Jews Stand Between the Israeli Army and a Palestinian Cave Village

Haaretz | Amira Hass, 5 July 2017

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An Alliance Between Palestinians, Israelis and American Jews Offer Hope

Washington Post | , 12 June 2017

Jewish and Palestinian Peace Activists are Building Their Own Standing Rock on the West Bank

LA Times |  , 8 June 2017

Israeli forces raid Sarura protest camp in Hebron Hills

Al Jazeera | Lauin-Whitney Gottbrath, 25 May 2017

Diaspora Jews Join Israelis and Palestinians to Rebuild Arab Village

Jerusalem Post |  Max Schindler, 21 May 2017

IDF raids West Bank ‘freedom camp’ built by Diaspora Jewish activists

Times of Israel | Jacob Magid, 21 May 2017

Israel Tears Down Anti-occupation Encampment Set Up by North American Jews and Palestinians in West Bank 

Haaretz | Judy Maltz, 25 May 2017

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The Young Jewish Americans Coming to Israel to Fight the Occupation

Haaretz | Judy Maltz, 26 May 2017

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Jewish-Palestinian Protest Camp Celebrates Success, Digs in for Long Haul

+972 Magazine | +972 Magazine Staff, 27 June 2017

Palestinians, Israelis and diaspora Jews build West Bank protest camp

+972 Magazine | +972 Magazine Staff, 19 May 2017

Photos: A week of joint struggle in Sumud Freedom Camp

+972 Magazine | Ahmad Al-Bazz / Activestills.org, 28 May 2017

(here it is in Hebrew)

WATCH: Israeli forces dismantle West Bank protest camp

+972 Magazine | Mairav Zonszein,

(here it is in Hebrew)

Israeli forces raid protest camp aimed at restoring Palestinian village in Hebron

Ma’an News | 21 May 2017

 Non-violence in action in Palestine

The Jordan Times | , 31 May 2017

Jews Gather at Sumud Freedom Camp to Support Palestinian Outpost in the West Bank

Tablet Magazine | Elhanan Miller, 20 June 2017

IDF dismantles anti-occupation encampment set up by activists in the West Bank

RT News | No Author, 25 May 2017

Protesting 50 Years of Israeli Occupation, Coalition of Activists Establish Freedom Camp

International Middle East Media Center | Ghassan Bannoura, 20 May 2017

The Jewish Students of Sumud Freedom Camp

New Voices: News and Views of Campus Jews | Sarah Asch , 22 June 2017

Why American Jewish Activists Must Help, Not Headline, Anti-occupation Efforts

Haaretz |  Mikhael Manekin, 7 June 2017

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Why American Jews’ Forceful West Bank Protests Are Legitimate and Necessary

Haaretz | Nathan Hersh and Abe Silberstein,  7 June 2017

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The Israeli Left Can Learn a Thing or Two from American Jews

+972 Magazine | Amitai Ben-Abba, 8 June 2017

(here is the article in Hebrew)

Arrogant’? ‘Necessary’? The Big Debate About American Jews’ Role in Anti-occupation Protests

Haaretz | Mikhael Manekin, Natasha Westheimer, Yonah Lieberman, Oriel Eisner, 15 June 2017

Americans Have A Role To Play In Disrupting The Occupation — But Only If They Work With Palestinians

 The Forward | Uri Agnon, 27 June 2017

Articles written by members of the CJNV

Punched, Dismantled, Unbowed: How Diaspora Jews Are Unsettling the Occupation

Ilana Sumka in Haaretz (if you don’t have premium here’s the text)

As an American Jew I Celebrated Israel’s 1967 Victory. Now I’m Protesting the Occupation.

Joel Migdal in Haaretz (if you don’t have premium here’s the text)

“It’s Offensive to Say We American Jews Are ‘Parachuting In’ to Anti-occupation Protests”

Natasha Westheimer and Oriel Eisner in Haaretz (if you don’t have premium here’s the text)

A message to our mums ‘after 50 years of occupation’”

Leah Jordan and Daniel Mackintosh in Times of Israel

“The Israeli Occupation is a Jewish tragedy — it’s our responsibility to make sure it comes to and end”

Em Hilton in The Independent

“Confronting the Occupation with my Father”

Ella Mason on Mondoweiss

Testing nonviolence in the South Hebron Hills: Day 8 of Sumud Freedom Camp

Jodi Melamed on Mondoweiss

“Dispatch from ‘the most ****ed up place on Earth’ Hebron’s H2 quarter”

Charlie Zimmerman on Mondoweiss

Diaspora Jews Must Place Our Bodies on the Line

Leanne Gale on +972

Report from the ground: Sumud Freedom Camp

Jordy Silverstein on Overland

“Occupation is not my Judaism”

Ella Israel in the Palestine-Israel Journal

PHOTOS: 300+ Diaspora Jews take historic action against occupation

Gili Getz on Jewschool

Non-Violent Direct Action can Be Our Big Tent

Jodi Melamed on Jewschool

We All Have a Responsibility to Help End the Occupation

Hannah Bender on J Street

Even from the United States, We Can Help Protect Palestinian Villages from Demolition

Kalyani Grad-Kaimal on J Street

Where are the Nonviolent Palestinian Activists? They’re Here

Robin Podolsky on J Street

Showing Up for Israelis and Palestinians: A Photo Essay

Gili Getz on J Street

“Why I helped build a ‘freedom camp’ in the West Bank”

David Cooper in the Jewish News of Northern California

“No time for vacation when you’re working to end Israeli occupation”

Laura Saunders in The Jewish News of Northern California

“Sumud Freedom Camp: A Vision of Jubilee”

Robin Podolsky on Jewish Journal

Where Are the Nonviolent Palestinian Activists? Actually, They’re Not Hard to Find

Robin Podolsky on Jewish Journal

“Fifty years of Israeli occupation a moral blight”

Ethan Guillen in the Register Guard

“A Tale of Two Worlds: To Israel-Palestine with Love from Chattanooga”

Missy Crutchfield in The Chattanoogan

Hebrew Articles

“Sumud: Hundreds of Palestinians and Jews Established a Protest Camp in the West Bank” – Sikha Mekomit (+972)

NiSh’ma: Yovel

Sh’ma Now, A Journal of Jewish Sensibilities |  Munir Fasheh, Ilana Sumka, Hanan Schlesinge, 18 April 2017

Why I Was Detained in Hebron Last Summer and Why you Should Join Me This May

Truthout | Erez Bleicher, 23 November 2016