End 50 Years of Occupation: “Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue”

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Jewish Nonviolence.  Please visit the In the News page with articles and videos about the summer of 2017 campaign: End 50 Years of Occupation.  If you have questions about the campaign, please send them to CJNV.campaigns@gmail.com.

May 14 – 22, 2017

What: Jewish activists from around the world will convene in the West Bank for 9 days of solidarity activism with Palestinians who are being evicted from their homes and pushed off their land in the name of ongoing settlement expansion and occupation. Likely projects include: infrastructure development, agricultural projects, sit-ins, and direct action. 

Why: We believe that international Jewish support for Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent activists working to end the unjust occupation of the Palestinian Territories is crucial. As Jews, we say to our own communities, to the Israeli government, and to the world that the occupation must not continue. 

Where: Activists will stay together in Bethlehem and engage in a variety of campaigns and activities in Hebron and South Hebron Hills.

Who: The Center for Jewish Nonviolence is comprised of Jews from the entire spectrum of the anti-occupation left. We come from groups and organizations like All That’s Left: Anti Occupation Collective, Jewish Voice for Peace, J Street, Open Hillel, If Not Now, Students for Justice in Palestine, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, T’ruah, Hashomer Hatzair, and many others. We expect participants to come with various understandings of the causes of and solutions to the occupation. This diversity is welcome.

Learning: Learning, reflecting, and skill-sharing is a vital component to building vibrant communities. As part of our time together, we will devote one full day workshops on themes, histories, strategies, and tactics related to our work.

When: Sunday May 14 to Monday May 22, 2017. Though the 1967 War occurred in June, our Palestinian partners have requested that we join them on the ground earlier since Ramadan falls in June 2017. Furthermore, being on the ground early will allow us to set the tone of the news cycle in the lead-up to 50 years and enable us to launch follow-up activism around the world in June.

Cost: In order to make participation accessible to as many people as possible, scholarships are available.

Cost of the trip: $1200.
Solidarity cost: $1800. We ask all those who are able to pay the solidarity rate to help subsidize the cost of participation for those with fewer resources.

The reason we are able to offer a comprehensive 9 day activist program at the low cost of $1,200 is thanks to the extraordinary volunteer efforts of the organizing team. All participants will be expected to share their talents to make this campaign a success. 

Scholarships are available to cover 10% to 50% of cost depending on need. Please indicate in your application that you are applying for a scholarship. Participants are encouraged to utilize grassroots sources and online crowd-fundraising to help subsidize their international airfare. Organizers can support individual participants with their grassroots and online fundraising initiatives.

Included in the Cost: 

  • Accommodation in Bethlehem for 8 nights from 14 May – 22 May 2017; double or triple occupancy rooms.
  • Local transportation between Bethlehem and Hebron region; pick up first day in Jerusalem and drop off last day in Jerusalem. 
  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch
  • Five nights of dinner (3 free evenings)
  • One day conference and workshop on “Occupation is Not Our Judaism”
  • Facilitated group discussions on strategic planning and reflection
  • Dedicated, experienced & talented volunteer trip leaders

Not included: International airfare; transportation from the airport; three dinners; health or travel insurance. We encourage all participants to purchase health and travel insurance in advance.

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get your applications in early! 

Deadline just extended to: December 12, 2016. 

  • January 15, 2017: Applicants will be notified regarding acceptance and scholarship support.
  • February 15, 2017: Accepted participants must make $100 deposit to reserve their spot.
  • March 15: Deadline for participants to make final payment.

Individuals who are likely candidates for participation will be contacted to arrange a 20 minute phone or Skype interview.

Diversity: Jews of Color, Sephardim, Mizrachim and Jews from the Global South are encouraged to apply. Participants in CJNV activities represent many genders, sexualities, races, nationalities, socioeconomic classes, levels of formal education, and levels of religious observance. We recognize that white/Ashkenazi Jews are overrepresented in our current organizing space. Our embrace of diversity includes an expectation that all participants act with openness and respect toward all other participants at all times.

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